HP partners with 3M to produce laptops with in-built privacy screen

privacy screen

While working on your laptops you would have noticed people keep looking at the screen of your laptop trying to figure out what you are doing. Telling them to get their faces off your screen may be insulting so you try hard to adjust your laptop screen.

HP and 3M are working together to stop people from snooping on your laptop screen. The upcoming line of HP Business Notebooks will have the in-built privacy screen filters to hinder anyone who dares to spy on your laptop.

3M has been making privacy screen filters for years that can be applied to a computer monitor. They have a micromesh pattern that blocks light from escaping the screen off-axis. Thus, only the light going straight toward your face is allowed to pass. It basically makes the screens’ viewing angle extremely narrow to the point it’s just black unless you’re looking right at it.

The privacy protection feature can easily be turn on and off; you may want to turn feature on while you are in a café where people walk around behind you. And you may put it off while in your dorm room watching a movie with your friends. This makes the privacy feature very user friendly.



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