How to speed up Android Phone to run twice faster

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Android apps are developed to be displayed with some little UI animations, therefore device specifications and other software and graphics ability can efficiently aid in running Android apps much faster.

Although there are lots of factors that cause your smartphone to run slow, from the hardware spec and even after you buy yourself a good smartphone with a very good hardware spec, it will only help to some extent. You also need to consider the software processes and graphics animation, since every time you run an app on your android phone little user interface animations spring up to display in different modes of app transition.

Most times this little UI animation transitions may seem fast, but they are not as fast as they can be. If you want smooth Android app transitions when various mobile applications are initiated you need to tweak some animation settings under the developer option.

Android smartphones have a hidden developer option under settings. To have access to the developer section where you will be able to tweak the settings to enable faster animation transition to make your apps respond twice as fast.

Android App Developer Settings

To unlock the developer section to enable you tweak few animation settings to make your Android phone faster carefully follow the instructions below:


  • Go to Settings and scroll down to click on About Phone.
  • Scroll down to find Build Number then tap it repeatedly seven times.
  • You will now be given developer access, tap back now you will see a Developer options right above About Phone.
  • Now inside the developer menu, scroll down to find this animation settings:Windows animation scaleTransition animation scale and Animator duration scale. Open them one after the other and change 1x to .5x. 

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Now you can just restart your Android phone to experience how your user interface animations transition twice as fast as they initially did. Your apps will now run at an impressive speed that will let you enjoy smooth Android app transition on your Phone.




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