Nike HyperAdapt, Puma AutoDiscs: Futuristic self-lacing Sneakers


It is no news that Nike came out with the Back to the Future-inspired HyperAdapt sneakers. They have gotten a lot of attention for this innovation and Puma has come with a competitive futuristic self-lacing shoes. About a year ago, Puma revealed the Autodiscs which was seeded to the likes Usain Bolt and Rickie Fowler who are ambassadors of the brand. Puma has been pretty silent about these one of a kind sneakers.

These Autodiscs sneakers have in-built motors that expands and tightens the laces wrapped around the front part of the foot. This function is controlled in two different ways; pressing a button on the sneakers or the use of the accompanying smartphone app. It is easy to quickly dismiss this technological advancement, as many might see it as an excuse to being lazy, but it can easily eliminate the stress of having to toggle with laces when you’re ready for an early morning jog and you can have it tightened to your perfect desired stretch.

In comparison with the Nike HyperAdapt, the Puma Autodiscs have two major advantages. The motors in the Puma Autodiscs have its motors embedded in the tongues of the sneakers, unlike the Nike HyperAdapt which has its beneath the soles.

nike hyperadapt nike hyperadapt


The resulting effect is the ability of the Puma Autodiscs to flex more like ordinary shoes. The other is the smartphone connectivity which comes with three levels of tightness. It gives u the ability to choose your desired fit as you slide into it, unlike the Nike HyperAdapt which doesn’t offer such level of sophistication. Obviously you might be thinking of the battery life and how easy to charge. Don’t fret because it comes with a wireless charging mat, where you simply place the heels of these shoes till the indicator stops blinking. Easy right?


With all these said, you must be thinking it’s a total win when compared with the Nike HyperAdapt shoes but sit tight. The HyperAdapt’s automatic self- tightening shoes features a pressure sensor in its heels which triggers the self-lacing mechanism, eliminating the need to push any button (both on the smartphone and on the shoes)


It is said that, for now, just 50 pairs of these shoes have been made and are in the hands of renowned athletes. They have been made in only two colours black and yellow.

Right now, the commercialization of these shoes is still being understudied as the demand is still being gauged and no target price is being fixed but one thing I can say these sneakers won’t be coming cheap despite the imminent competition that is bound to surface between these two giant sporting brands (Nike and Puma)


Nike HyperAdapt or Puma Autodiscs self-lacing shoes. I will like to have them both but the choice is yours as they both have intriguing features. Just Sport-theGeek way




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