Microsoft set to bring eye control feature to windows 10

Eye control feature


Microsoft is preparing to make one important addition to its list of accessibility features in Windows 10. Expressing concerns for patients of neuromuscular illness, like ALS, Microsoft has announced that eye tracking feature which would be an inbuilt feature the coming windows 10 updates.


The new feature in the making called Eye Control would allow users to do various things with the help of supported hardware. The new tool is an accessibility feature to make Windows available to a wider range of users. It will allow users use windows 10 without their hands, users will only make eye movements which would be tracked by appropriate eye tracking hardware.

A user would be able to open/ close apps, scroll through the screen by focusing on the relevant area of the screen. And the eye tracking won’t be limited to basic tasks; users would also be able to type using the on-screen keyboard.
This new eye control feature will give more disabled windows the opportunity to make meaning use of their PC when this feature is eventually released.
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Source: Fossbytes



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