Hp Engineers Smarter watches for Designers



A big applaud to HP for this thoughtful innovation. The Smarter Watches as they are called, are creations engineered by HP and partnered by watch makers under the Movado umbrella, this includes brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Scuderia Ferrari.

Fashionistas get ready, as these time pieces will be available for purchase on the 27th of Oct. These pieces are expected to be sold within $195 to $325. Values for your money will include smartphone notifications like calls, texts, emails and social media updates not forgetting activity tracking.

The Tommy Hilfiger boasts of a hidden OLED display that lights up whenever there’s a notification. It’s said to be subtle and small but sure is easy to read.

smarter watches


The Juicy Couture on the other hand opts for the LED instead, so what u get for notifications is a flashing light along with haptic vibrations.

These time pieces are only compatible with iphone and Android phones with OS 4.4 and upwards and boasts of a 5 day battery life.

smarter watch app

Each of these watches have a companion app that can be downloaded from the App store or Google play (Android) which will help you in selecting what notifications will be received, including your fitness tracking info.

Just so you know these watches don’t track calorie loss, heart rate or distance.

HP has decided to play in the background and only taking credit as its engineers just as its written on the backs “Engineered by HP”

This makes absolute sense as it suits not just the geek but also the fashion forward community. They come in analog and digital. The Tommy Hilfiger comes in a stainless steel case and a leather band, while the Juicy Couture comes in ion plated rose gold or gold.


Fashionistas, it’s time to get make a fashion statement, “the geek way”



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