Google’s Android app update won’t let bad internet stop you from searching


Google app Google has been working on constantly improving its mobile users search experience with the announcement of mobile first indexing approach which intends to serve mobile optimized sites like ours better in search results.

Just yesterday Google has rolled out yet another update on this mobile app. The new updates helps users save search while offline or whenever internet signal goes bad.

So the Google app for Android will safe your search whenever your internet network is interrupted with bad connection and brings back your search result as soon your wifi or internet connection is available
As we all have might have experienced a spotty network at one time or the other, it is very easy for network to fail on-the-go.

Google is here again to solve this problem with its latest update by saving users search terms whenever it notices a bad connection.The most interesting thing about this update is that users can easily queue up searches whenever there is no wifi or internet is interrupted during search. The Google app will save these search queries and then notify the user with the search results as soon as internet is better.

Google’s new search app update will further help users conserve data and battery life.

You can instantly get this amazing feature by simple updating your Google app to the latest Android version to experience information search in a different way.




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