Google Cloud machine learning launches to aid machine learning

Cloud machine learning


Google launches Cloud machine learning to make machine learning easier. Businesses will be able to take advantage of Google’s new cloud services to build product models that can predict future occurrence.

Google recently announced the private beta of a new Cloud Machine Learning service that lets businesses create a custom machine learning model. It is designed for companies that want to use machine learning to make future predictions for their business.

Google says it’s on its way to make to create applications that can see, hear and understand the world around them.


Cloud Machine Learning:

Makes it easy to build large, sophisticated machine learning models within a short period of time. You can easily build predictive analytics models using your own training data. For example, a financial services app that predicts values using regression models, or a classification service for images.
Cloud Machine Learning handles data insertion and training and uses the resulting machine learning model to make predictions, users can work with data from other google cloud services. Learn More



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