Adobe flash vulnerability update for major security loop hole

adobe flash

Adobe flash player security patch update

Adobe recently confirmed a major security vulnerability currently affecting all versions of Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. And the only way to protect your computer from this security threat is to completely uninstall flash player from your computer pending the time a fix is available.

Adobe Flash Player is a required standard for delivering rich web contents like: designs, animation, videos and its application are deployed across all web browsers.

Since this vulnerability spans across all operating systems which makes it a very critical security loop hole for any targeted system. Adobe said this vulnerability is being used by hackers to exploit limited and targeted users. The adobe vulnerable lets an attacker take total control of a targeted PC.

Luckily adobe recently released a patch for the security vulnerability. The updates is said to address critical threats that could allow an attacker control affected systems. Adobe Flash player users are recommended to update to the latest versions of flash which includes the latest security updates.

You can also check the adobe flash player help center to assist in installing Flash Player.



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