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FBI arrests UK security researcher who stopped WannaCry outbreak

Marcus Hutchins, the 22-year-old security researcher who is credited with halting the spread of the WannaCry malware program earlier this year has been arrested by the FBI while attending the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas.Hutchins was celebrated as a hero...

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 ALERTBOOT CAN HELP SECURE YOUR DATA FROM EVERYWHERE Alertboot is cloud based security management software that offers cloud based encryption, file encryption and mobile device security service for companies of any size who wants...

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How to Secure a Database System

  how to secure a database system       Database Security Database security concerns the use of a broad range of information security controls to protect databases (potentially including the data, the database...


Chinese hacker hacks Facbook “likes”

According to wired.com an intriguing story surfaced this week about a mysterious hacker named Zhang Changhe, who is apparently working for the Chinese army coordinating a botnet of zombie computers infested with malware, according...


Us most wanted Algerian Hacker Arrested in Thailand

 Police in Thailand say they have arrested an Algerian cybercrime suspect sought by the U.S. FBI for allegedly making hundreds of millions of dollars by hacking banks’ websites.Immigration police chief Lt. Gen. Panu Kerdlarppol...

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