Learn Astrology, travel in time with Cosmic Watch App


Learn Astrology, Travel in time with Cosmic Watch App

Cosmic Watch is a 3D interactive app that can be used for time travel, realtime worldclock and other astrological discoveries.The unique and absolutely new thing about it is that the clock face is built in the ecliptic and around the planet earth. With cosmic watch you are empowered to see the world as a whole.


This app lets you appreciate the wonderful creation of God and lets you find peace from within. 4-cosmic-watch-device-art 6--cosmic-watch-device-art

The Cosmic Watch can show the position of the sun as well as the moon in the zodiac as well as the place and time of past, present and future solar eclipses and other celestial constellations. 7--cosmic-watch-device-art 8--cosmic-watch-device-art 9--cosmic-watch-device-art

It allows viewers to view space from a realistic perspective based on their location.

The Cosmic Watch combines timekeeping, astronomy, and astrology in a unique instrument, which raises awareness of the interrelationships between time and motion of celestial bodies in a playful and entertaining way.

This makes the app ideal for the transfer of astronomical study for students.

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