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See How Google’s Hiring Process Works

Google’s head of hiring Laszlo Bock Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt and Barack Obama  Google’s chairman and Head of hiring Laszlo Bock gave some insights on how google does it’s recruitment exercise and what google...


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Pre-Order Now!

Microsoft is set to unveil its third generation tablet next month June 20, the Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s biggest, fastest, thinnest,lightest, best tablet.The tablet has the power and performance of a premium laptop...


Samsung Galaxy S5 has been Officially released

The Samsung S5 as been finally unpackaged today, Samsung’s new flagship was unpackaged today in barcelona. The Galaxy S5 as a familiar design new hardware features and a sleeker design. FEW SPECSGalaxy S5 sits...


My 2013 Tech Movie of the year: THE INTERNSHIP

‘The Internship‘ is an information age (2013) movie that emphasizes good skills, skill acquisition and entrepreneurship. This movie is a very good source of inspiration for high school students, college, fresh graduates, tech savvy,...

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